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Volume 17 For 1995

Volume 17 Numbers 1 - 2

  1. RAZVAN GIVULESCU, IUSTINIAN PETRESCU & OVIDIU BARBU Observations concernant les feuilles de Daphnogene Unger, 1845 (Lauraceae, Magnoliophyta) de l'Oligocene de Comesti/Aghires (DCpartement de Cluj.

  2. ALAN HOLMAN Herpetofauna of the Trinity River Local Fauna (Miocene:Early Barstovian), San Jacinto County, Texas, USA

  3. ALAN HOLMAN A new genus of diminutive boid snake from the Upper Eocene of Hordle Cliff, Hampshire, England

  4. HERMAN J. F. HOOYBERGHS Planktonic foraminifera from the Zonderschot Sands Member of the Berchem Formation (Miocene) at Zonderschot, Belgium.

  5. MARTIN C. MUNT & MICHAEL J. BARKER Some micromorphic gastropods from the Corbula beds, Cranmore Member (Solent Group, Early Oligocene) of the Isle of Wight, southern England.

  6. DAVID J. MILLER & STEPHEN K. DONOVAN Geomorphology, stratigraphy and palaeontology of Wait-A-Bit Cave, central Jamaica.

  7. SPENCER G. LUCAS, ROBERT J. EMRY & BOLAT U. BAYSHASHOV Zaisanamynodon, a Late Eocene amynodontid (Mammalia, Perissodactyla) from Kazakhstan and China.

  8. YADAV & A. BHATTACHARYYA Growth rings in Araucarioxylon and Podocarpoxylon (Coniferae) from the Tertiary of India and their climatic implications.

  9. SUSUMU TOMIDA & TOMOWO OZAWA Occurrence of Turbo (Lunatica) species (Gastropoda: Turbinidae) in the upper Neogene of Japan and their implications for Neogene marine climates.

  10. CHRISTOPHER R. C. PAUL Anomalorbiiw, new name for Anomalorbis Paul, 1991, non Vine, 1972

Date of publication 30th November 1996

Volume 17 Numbers 3 - 4

  1. PAUL JEFFERY & STEVE TRACEY The Early Eocene London Clay Formation mollusc fauna of the former Bursledon Brickworks, Lower Swanwick, Hampshire

Date of publication 30th January 1997