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Volume 18 For 1996

Volume 18 Numbers 1 -2

  1. JOE S. H. COLLINS, RENÉ H. B. FRAAYE, JOHN W. M. JAGT & PAUL H. M. VAN KNIPPENBERG Laeviranina hollandica, a new Late Oligocene(?) raninid crab (Crustacea, Decapoda) from The Netherlands.

  2. KEVIN JOHN TILBROOK Barnacle and bivalve associates of a bryozoan - coral symbiosis from the Coralline Crag (Pliocene) of England.

  3. ROHTASH KUMAR & HAKIM RAI Post-Cretaceous molasse deposits of the intermontane foreland basin in Eastern Karakoram, India.

  4. CLAUS HEILMANN-CLAUSEN How one diatomite led to the development of another diatomite - the Oligocene section at Silstrup, NW Denmark.

  5. NICHOLAS EDWARDS & BRIAN DALEY Stratigraphy of the Totland Bay Member (Headon Hill Formation, Late Eocene) at Hordle Cliff, Hampshire, Southern England.

  6. KRISTIAAN HOEDEMAKERS Fish otoliths from the Langenfeldian (Miocene) of Gross Pampau (northern Germany

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Volume 18 Numbers 3 - 4

  1. LILLA HABLY & MARIA TERESA FERNANDEZ MARRON A comparison of the Oligocene floras of the Tethyan and Central-Paratethyan areas on the basis of Spanish and Hungarian macroflora.

  2. VLADIMIR N. MAKARKIN New Tertiary Neuroptera (Insecta) from the Russian Far East

  3. AYZHAN K. ZHAMANGARA & SPENCER G. LUCAS Eocene charophytes from the Shinzhaly River, eastern Kazakhstan.

  4. HAROLD L. DIXON & STEPHEN K. DONOVAN Oligocene echinoids of Jamaica.

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