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Volume 16 For 1994

Volume 16 parts 1 - 4


  1. Chris King: Roy Fowler - some personal recollections.
  2. Anne E. Bone: The shaping of the Selsey coastline: a review of the geomorphology, archaeology and history.
  3. Chris King: The stratigraphy of the Bracklesham Group of Bracklesham Bay and Selsey (West Sussex, England): an update 1977 - 1995
  4. David A. Bone & Steve Tracey: Aerial photography and geological mapping of Bracklesham Bay, West Sussex.
  5. Steve Tracey & Jonathan Todd: Nomenclatural changes for some Bracklesham Group Gastropods.
  6. Steve Tracey: Mollusca of the Selsey Formation (Middle Eocene): Conoidea, Turrinae.
  7. Steve Tracey, Jonathan A. Todd, Jacques Le Renard, Chris King & Mike Goodchild: Distribution of Mollusca in units S1 to S9 of the Selsey Formation (Middle Lutetian), Selsey Peninsula, West Sussex.
  8. Jerry J. Hooker: Mammals from the Early (late Ypresian) to Middle (Lutetian) Eocene Bracklesham Group, southern England.
  9. Margaret E. Collinson: Plant macrofossils from the Bracklesham Group (Early & Middle Eocene), Bracklesham Bay, West Sussex, England: review and significance in the context of coeval British Tertiary floras.
  10. Ed A. Jarzembowski: Fossil insects from the Bournemouth Group (Eocene: late Ypresian - Lutetian) of Southern England.
  11. Jonathan A. Todd: Buskia fowleri sp. nov. - a bioimmured ctenostome bryozoan from the Middle Eocene of southern England.
  12. Paul Jeffery: A temporary exposure of the junction of the Selsey Formation (Middle Eocene, Bracklesham Group) and the Elmore Member of the Barton Clay Formation (Middle Eocene, Barton Group), at Totton, Hampshire.

Date of publication 30th June 1996 (for 1994)