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Volume 15 For 1993

Volume 15 Number 1

  1. PAUL D. TAYLOR & TIFFANY S. FOSTER Bryozoa from the Plio-Pleistocene of Tobago, West Indies.
  2. RAZVAN GIVULESCU & CALIN BACIU Cuticles from the Middle Miocene (Badenian) lignites of Balta SŪratŪ, Caransebe, Romania.
  3. BRUCE H. TIFFNEY, JOHN G. FLEAGLE & THOMAS M. BOWN Early to Middle Miocene angiosperm fruits and seeds from Fejej, Ethiopia.

Date of publication: 28th May 1994

Volume 15 Number 2

  1. STEPHEN K. DONOVAN Echinoids of the Upper Eocene Somerset Formation of Jamaica.
  2. MARTIN C. MUNT, BRIAN DALEY & MICHAEL ). BARKER Recent borehole data from the Hamstead Member (Bouldnor Formation, Early Oligocene) at Cowes, Isle of Wight.
  3. MAHESH PRASAD: Siwalik (Middle Miocene) leaf impressions from the foothills of the Himalayas, India.

Date of publication: 30th September 1994

Volume 15 Number 3

  1. RAZVAN GIVULESCU Revision of two problematical plant taxa from the early Sarmatian (Miocene) of the Feleac region, near Cluj-Napoca, Romania: Sequoia sternbergi (Goepp.) Heer and Myrsinophyllum felekiensis Staub.
  2. CARLES GILI, CARLOS MARQUES DA SILVA & JORDI MARTINELL Pliocene nassariids (Mollusca : Neogastropoda) of central-west Portugal.
  3. ERIK THOMSEN & METTE DANIELSEN Transitional Palaeocene-Eocene ash-bearing diatomite in the eastern North Sea.
  4. ZLATKO KVA_EK & _ESTMķR BU_EK Endocarps and foliage of the flowering plant family Icacinaceae from the Tertiary of Europe.

Date of publication: 15th April 1995

Volume 15 Number 4

  1. DAVID L. HARRISON, PAUL J. J. BATES & NIKKY M. THOMAS The occurrence of Acotherulum pumilum (Stehlin, 1908), (Mammalia, Artiodactyla, Cebochoeridae) in the Headonian (Upper Eocene) of England.
  2. PETER J. LANG, ANDREW C. SCOTT & JOHNATHAN STEPHENSON Evidence of plant-arthropod interactions from the Eocene Branksome Sand Formation, Bournemouth, England: Introduction and description of leaf mines.
  3. JENNIFER M. HUGGETT Carbonate concretions from the London Clay Formation (early Eocene), southern England.
  4. DAVID J. KEMP & CHRIS KING The London Clay Formation (Early Eocene) of the Civil Aviation Authority site, Lower Swanwick, Hampshire, England.

Date of publication: 30th September 1995