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Volume 14 For 1992

Volume 14 Number 1

  1. ABDELMAJID NOUBHANI & HENRI CAPPETTA Evolution de la taille et de la morphologie des dents dans deux lignées de sélaciens application biostratigraphique.
  2. HIROAKI KARASAWA The crab Ozius collinsi sp. nov. (Xanthoidea Decapoda Crustacea) from the Miocene Katsuta Group, southwest Japan.
  3. DAVID W. JOLLEY A new species of the dinoflagellate genus Areoligera Lejuene-Carpentier from the Late Palaeocene of the eastern British Isles.
  4. HERMAN J. F. HOOYBERGHS A new dating of the Brussels Sand Formation (Lower-Middle Eocene) on planktonic foraminifora from St-Stevens-Woluwe and Neerijse, Belgium. 33

Date of publication 30th September 1992

Volume 14 Number 2

  1. FRANCO CIGALA-FULGOSI Addition to the fish fauna of the Italian Miocene. The occurrence of Pseudocarcharias (Chondrichthyes, Pseudocarchariidae) in the lower Serravallian of Parma Province, Northern Apennines.
  2. PATRIC JACOBS & FRANS DE CONINCK Qualitative clay mineralogy of the Middle and Upper Eocene in north-western Belgium.
  3. HIROAKI KARASAWA & KEISUKE INOUE Decapod Crustaceans from the Miocene Kukinaga Group, Tanegashima Island, Kyushu, Japan.

Date of publication 20th December 1992

Volume 14 Number 3

  1. THOMAS E. WILLIAMSON & SPENCER G. LUCAS Freshwater selachians from the early Palaeocene of the San Juan Basin, north-western New Mexico, USA. 97
  2. MAHESH PRASAD Leaf impressions of Kayea from the Siwalik sediments (Miocene - Pliocene) of Kalagarh, Uttar Pradesh, India. 107
  3. STEPHEN K. DONOVAN & RON K. PICKERILL A new species of regular echinoid from the Richmond Formation (Eocene) of Jamaica. 111
  4. DOUGLAS J. LONG Late Miocene and Early Pliocene fish assemblages from the north central coast of Chile. 117

Date of publication 20th April 1993

Volume 14 Number 4

  1. BHAGWANDAS MANDAOKAR A palynological investigation of the Tikak Parbat Formation (Oligocene) of Dangri Kumari Colliery, Dibrugarh district, Assam, India. 127
  2. DEMBERELEYIN DASHZEVEG Asynchronism of the main mammalian faunal events near the Eocene-Oligocene boundary. 141
  3. J. ALAN HOLMAN A new genus of primitive colubroid snake from the Upper Eocene, Isle of Wight, England. 151
  4. BENJAMIN WAGGONER Fossil actinomycetes and other bacteria in Eocene amber from Washington State, USA. 155

Date of publication 28th November 1993