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Volume 13 For 1991

Volume 13 Number 1

  1. W. ALAN CHARLTON, JOAN WATSON & DAVID 1. BATTEN A fossil palm at the back door of Hastings Museum, Sussex, England.
  2. DAVID W. JOLLEY AND EDWIN SPINNER Spore-pollen associations from the lower London Clay (Eocene), East Anglia, England.
  3. DIDIER B. DUTHEIL A checklist of Neoselachii (Pisces, Chondrichthyes) from the Palaeogene of the Paris Basin, France.
  4. CHRISTOPHER R. C. PAUL The morphology, palaeoecology, and taxonomic affinities of three British Tertiary species of "Planorbis" (Mollusca; Gastropoda).

Date of publication 10th October 1991

Volume 13 Numbers 2 - 4



  1. DAVID A. BONE Edmond Martin Venables, 1901-1990 A Sussex geologist.
  2. DAVID A. BONE Extracts from the notebooks of E. M. Venables.
  3. DAVID A. BONE Fossils from the Tilehurst Member ("London Clay Basement Bed"), near Havant, Hants.
  4. IMOGEN POOLE Pyritized twigs from the London Clay, Eocene, of Great Britain.
  5. ED. A. JARZEMBOWSKI Fossil insects from the London Clay (Early Eocene) of southern England.
  6. RICHARD. G. BROMLEY & ROLAND GOLDRING The palaeoburrows at the Cretaceous to Palaeocene firmground unconformity in southern England.
  7. DAVID A. BONE Temporary exposures in the London Clay around Bognor Regis and Chichester, West Sussex.
  8. CHRIS KING Problematic microfossils from the London Clay Formation studied by E. M. Venables
  9. CHRIS R. C. PAUL Amphorometra from the London Clay of Aveley, Essex.
  10. DAVID A. BONE & CHRIS KING The London Clay of Earldoms Clay Pit, Whiteparish, Wiltshire.
  11. DAVID A. BONE, W. D. IAN ROLFE & DAVID JOLLEY Charles Lyell's Turritella Table and its Geological Provenance.
  12. CHRIS KING & DENNIS CURRY Molluscs from the Tilehurst Member (London Clay Formation, Early Eocene) at Crondall and Up Nately (Hampshire).
  13. ROGER A. HEWITT Observations on the diagenesis of London Clay (Eocene) nautiloids in concretions and a review of early collections.
  14. STEVE TRACEY A review of the Early Eocene molluscs of Bognor Regis (Hampshire Basin), England.

Date of publication 10th June 1991