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Volume 12 For 1990

Volume 12 Number 1

1. RAMINDER S. LOYAL: Lithostratigraphy of the basal Subathu Formation (Upper Palaeocene - Middle Eocene) exposed in the stratotype, Kuthar River, Subathu, Himachal Pradesh, India, with introductory notes on physiography and tectonics.

2. FRANCO CIGALA-FULGOSI: Predation (or possible scavenging) by a great-white shark on an extinct species of bottlenosed dolphin in the Italian Pliocene .

3. JONATHAN TODD: The stratigraphy and correlation of the Selsey Formation and Barton clay formation (M. Eocene) of Studley Wood, Hampshire.

Date of publication June 1990

Volume 12 Number 2

1. BRIAN DALEY & NICHOLAS EDWARDS: The Bembridge Limestone (Late Eocene), Isle of Wight, southern England: a stratigraphical revision.

2. E. G. FRESHNEY, R. A, EDWARDS & D. CURRY: The boundary between the Selsey Sand and Barton Clay Formations at Whitecliff Bay, Isle of Wight.

3. HELLMUT JÄHNICHEN: New records of the conifer Amentotaxus gladifolia (Ludwig) Ferguson, Jähnichen & Alvin, 1978, from the Polish and Czechoslovakian Tertiary and its recognition in Canada, North America and Europe.

4. DAVID J. WARD & ROBERT L. WIEST : A checklist of Palaeocene and Eocene sharks and rays (Chondrichthyes) from the Pamunkey Group, Maryland and Virginia, USA.

5. JACQUES LE RENARD: Le genre Enigmonia Iredale (Mollusca, Bivalvia, Anomiidae) nouveau pour l'Eocene du Bassin de Paris, France.

Date of publication October 1990

Volume 12 Numbers 3 - 4

1. ROBERT M. WEST, JOHN R. LUKACS, S. TASEER HUSSAIN & MUHAMMAD ARIF: Geology and palaeontology of the Eocene Drazinda Shale Member of the Kirthar Formation, central Western Pakistan. Part 1: Introduction.

2. GERARD R. CASE & ROBERT M. WEST: Geology and Palaeontology of the Eocene Drazinda Shale Member of the Kirthar Formation, central Western Pakistan. Part II: Late Eocene fishes

3. DIRK NOLF: Geology and Paleontology of the Eocene Drazinda Shale Member of the Khirthar Formation, central Western Pakistan, Part III. Fish Otoliths.

4. JONATHAN. A TODD: A new species of Crenella (Mytilidae, Bivalvia) from the Earnley Formation (Middle Eocene) of southern England

5. DAVID A. BONE, JONATHAN A. TODD & STEVE TRACEY; Fossils from the Bracklesham Croup exposed in the M27 Motorway excavations, Southampton, Hampshire.

6. DAVID N. LEWIS & STEPHEN K. DONOVAN; The Pliocene Echinoidea of Tobago. West Indies.

7. PETER R. CRANE & ROLAND GOLDRING: The Reading Formation (late Palaeocene to early Eocene) at Cold Ash and Pincent's Kiln (Berks.) in the western London Basin.

8. HELLMUT JÄHNICHEN; Engelhardioid leaves and fruits Juglandaceae) from the European Tertiary, part 3.

9. HELLMUT JÄHNICHEN: A revision of some palaeobotanical taxa from the Pannonian (Miocene) of Romania.

Date of publication 20th April 1991