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Volume 11 For 1989

Volume 11 Number 1

  1. DAVID N. LEWIS Fossil Echinoidea from the Barton Beds (Eocene, Bartonian) of the type locality at Barton-on-Sea in the Hampshire Basin, England.

Date of publication: 30th October 1989

Volume 11 Numbers 2 - 4



  1. R. W. O ' B. KNOX Thanetian and early Ypresian chronostratigraphy in south-east England.
  2. A. W. JANSSEN Long distance correlation of Cainozoic deposits by means of planktonic gastropods ( "pteropods" ); some examples of future possibilities.
  3. F. GRAMANN Eocene /Oligocene boundary definitions and the sequence of strata in N. W. Germany.
  4. F. GULLENTOPS Sequence stratigraphy of the Tongerian and early Rupelian in the Belgian type area.
  5. P. A. M. GAEMERS Definition of the classical Palaeogene - Neogene boundary in the North Sea Basin by means of Gadidae otoliths (Pisces).
  6. P. S. BALSON The "Trimley Sands": a former marine Neogene deposit from eastern England.
  7. W. HINSCH Subdivision and palaeogeography of the Gramian and Syltian Stages (Late Miocene) in Schleswig - Holstein and Wursten (N. W. Germany).
  8. P. S. BALSON The Neogene of East Anglia - a field excursion report.

Long Abstracts

  1. I. BANG Biostratigraphy of the North Sea Danian based on planktonic Foraminifera
  2. P. G. LAGA & C. VANDORMAEL The use of geophysical well logs in stratigraphy.
  3. E. STEURBAUT The Ypresian in its type area: a summary.

Short Abstracts

  1. J. ALI A magnetostratigraphic study of Palaeogene sediments from the London Basin.
  2. J. ALI, C. KING & E. A. HAILWOOD Magnetostratigraphy of the early Eocene Ieper Clay, Belgium.
  3. M. C. BOULTER The "Brito - Arctic Igneous Province Flora " around the Palaeocene / Eocene boundary
  4. P. CONDON Seismic stratigraphy and distribution of Palaeogene sediments on the East Shetland Platform, northern North Sea
  5. E. A. HAILWOOD & F. TING Preliminary magnetostratigraphic investigations of the Oligocene Boom Clay (Belgium) and Bovey Beds (UK.)
  6. J. J. HOOKER Late Eocene mammalian biostratigraphy in the Hampshire Basin
  7. C. KING Progress towards an "event stratigraphy" for the Early Eocene in the North Sea Basin
  8. A. J. POWELL Neogene dinoflagellate cyst biostratigraphy and sequence stratigraphy of the South Western Approaches - provisional results
  9. J. A. ZALASIEWICZ & S. J. MATHERS Stratigraphy of the Red and Norwich Crag formations in Southern East Anglia.

Date of publication: 15th February 1990