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Volume 10 For 1988


  1. David J. Ward: Hypotodus verticalis (Agassiz, 1843), Hypotodus robustus Leriche, 1921 and Hypotodus heinzelini (Casier, 1967), Chondrichthyes, Lamniformes, junior synonyms of Carcharius hopei (Agassiz, 1843).
  2. Harry L. Fierstine & Bruce J. Welton: A Late Miocene Marlin, Makaira sp. (Perciformes, Osteichthyes) from San Diego County, California, U.S.A.
  3. Henri Cappetta: Les Torpédiniformes (Neoselachii, Batomorphii) des phosphates du Maroc. Observations sur la denture des genres actuels.
  4. Richard M. Bateman: Relationship of the Woolwich and Reading Formation (Late Palaeocene) to the Upper Chalk (Late Cretaceous) and Clay-with flints sensu lato (Quaternary) in the Chiltern Hills, southern England.

Date of publication March 1989


  1. Roger A. Hewitt: Outline of research on the ecology and evolution of the Eocene nautilid cephalopods from the London Clay, England.
  2. Roger A. Hewitt: The London Clay Formation (Eocene) of the country around Southend (Essex, England).
  3. David N. Lewis: The type specimen of the regular echinoid Leiopedina edwardsi (Forbes) (Echinoidea, Echinodermata) from the Bracklesham Beds (Eocene) of Bracklesham, Sussex, England.
  4. Franco Cigala-Fulgosi: Additions to the Eocene and Pliocene fish fauna of Italy. Evidence of Alopias cf. denticulatus Cappetta, 1981 in the Bartonian-Priabonian of the Monte Piano Marl (Northern Apennines) and of A. superciliosus (Lowe, 1840) in the Pliocene of Tuscany (Chondrichthyes, Alopiidae).
  5. Franco Cigala-Fulgosi: Additions to the Pliocene fish fauna of Italy. Evidence of Somiosus rostratus (Risso, 1826) from the foothills of the Northern Apennines (Parma Province, Italy) (Chondrichthyes, Squalidae).

Date of publication May 1989


  1. A. Guy. Plint: Sedimentology of the Eocene strata exposed between Poole Harbour and High Cliff, Dorset, U.K.

Date of publication May 1989


  1. C. R. C. Paul: The molluscan faunal succession in the Hatherwood Limestone Member (Upper Eocene) Isle of Wight, England.
  2. M. J. Salmon: A discussion of historical exposure of Woolwich and Reading Beds in the Dulwich area of South East London.
  3. J. Herman, M. Hovestadt-Euller & D. C. Hovestadt: Additions to the Eocene fish fauna of Belgium. 9. discovery of Eomobula gen. et spec. nov. (Mobulidae, Chondrichthyes) from the Ypresian.
  4. Marc Christopher Halter: Additions to the fish fauna of N.W. Europe. A new dasyatid genus from the Early Palaeocene (Danian) of the Limburg area, Belgium.

Date of publication September 1989