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Volume 9 For 1987


  1. K. I. M. Chesters: Marjorie E. J. Chandler. (Biography & Bibliography).
  2. E. M. Friis: Spirematospermum chandlerae sp. nov., an extinct species of Zingiberacea from the North American Cretaceous.
  3. B. H. Tiffney & J. U. McClammer: A seed of the Anonaceae from the Palaeocene of Pakistan.
  4. P. R. Crane: Abelia-like fruits from the Palaeogene of Scotland & North America.
  5. N. Vaudois-Miéja: A new genus of Tiliaceae based on fruits from the Eocene "grès-à-Palmiers", Western France. (In French)
  6. D. L. Dilcher & S. R. Manchester: Investigations of angiosperms from the Eocene of North America: A fruit belonging to the Euphorbiaceae.
  7. S. R. Manchester: Fruits and seeds of Tapiscia (Staphyleaceae) from the Middle Eocene of Oregon, U.S.A.
  8. M. E. Collinson & H-J. Gregor: Rutacea from the Eocene of Messel, West Germany.
  9. H. P. Wilkinson: Sapindaceous pyritised twigs from the Eocene of Sheppey, England.
  10. D. H. Mai: New Nymphaealean fossils from the Tertiary of central Europe.
  11. E. H. Palamarev: Schefflera chandlerae sp. nov., a new subtropical element from the Bulgarian Neogene flora.
  12. E. Knobloch: New records of fruits and seeds from the Upper Miocene and Lower Pliocene of Moravia and Slovakia.
  13. _. B__ek, M. Konzalová & Z. Kva_ek: Azolla remains from the Lower Miocene of the North -Bohemian Basin, Czechoslovakia.
  14. M. C. Boulter: Tertiary monocotyledons from aquatic environments.
  15. G. G. Fechener & B. A. Mohr: Early Eocene spores, pollen and microplankton assemblages from Fehmarn Island, Northern Germany.
  16. I. A. Iljinskaja: Contributions to the characterisation and origin of the Turgai flora of the U.S.S.R.
  17. J. Van de Burgh: Some local floras from the Neogene of the Rhenish Basin.
  18. J. B. Kovar-Eder: Three dimensional distribution maps for fossil plants: Examples from Middle to Upper Miocene leaf floras of Central Europe.

Date of publication August 1988