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Volume 6 For 1984


  1. L. Beverly Halstead: The first whale (Anglocetus beatsoni) is a turtle.
  2. John Cooper: A review of the London Clay (Eocene) Mollusca of the cliffs and shore of the Isle of Sheppey, Kent, England.
  3. M. A. Islam: A study of Early Eocene palaeoenvironments in the Isle of Sheppey as determined from microplankton assemblage composition.
  4. John Cooper: William Hobbs SHRUBSOLE (1837-1927) and the Sheerness New Town Well fossils of 1878.
  5. John Cooper, Henry J. Gamble & Christopher King: A Bibliography of the Isle of Sheppey: Geology, Palaeontology, Archaeology, Topography, History and Literature, 1572-1983.

Date of publication April 1984


  1. Jacques Herman: Additions to the Eocene (and Oligocene) fauna of Belgium. 7. Discovery of Gymnura teeth in Ypresian, Paniselian and Rupelian strata.
  2. David J. Kemp: Recent excavations in the London Clay Formation near Peak Lane, Fareham, Hants.
  3. Alberto L. Cione & Alberto A. Pandolfi: A Finspine of Heterodontus from the "Patagonian" of Trelew, Chubut, Argentina.
  4. David John Ward: Additions to the fish fauna of the English Palaeogene. 5. A new species of Raja from the London Clay.
  5. Henry John Gamble: Relative stratigraphical levels in the Lower Eocene succession along the north Sheppey cliffs: a solution from structural contour data.
  6. John Cooper: Selected references on the Tertiaries published in 1982 (excluding those which comprise Tertiary Research and T.R. Special Papers).
  7. John Cooper: Obituary. Henry John GAMBLE, B.Sc., F.G.S., 1.12.1944-18.4.1983.

Date of publication May 1984


  1. David J. Kemp: Temporary Excavations in the Bracklesham Group near Southampton, Hampshire.
  2. H. J. F. Hooyberghs: Planktonic foraminifera from the Wemmel Sands Member of the Asse Formation at Strombeek Bever (Belgium).
  3. Helmut Jähnichen: Comment on Nomenclature:- "Braunia" tiliafolia (AL.BR.) Givulescu (1970) versus Byttneriophyllum tiliaefolium (AL.BR.) Knobloch & Kva_ek (1965a).
  4. Helmut Jähnichen, Walter L. Friedrich & Mikuláš Taká_: Engelhardioid leaves and fruits from the European Tertiary Part II.

Date of publication October 1984


  1. Bernard M. Landau: A Discussion of the Molluscan Fauna of two Pliocene Localities in the Province of Huelva (Spain), including descriptions of six new species.
  2. David J. Kemp: M27 Motorway Excavations Near West End Southampton (Hants).
  3. H. J. F. Hooyberghs: Planktonic foraminifera from the Lede Sands Formation at Balegem.

Date of publication December 1984