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Volume 7 For 1985


  1. Ian F. Alexander: FOSSIL: An Expert System for Palaeontology.
  2. David A. Bone: The London Clay and associated deposits exposed in Chichester Harbour (West Sussex).
  3. Colin J. O. Harrison: A Bony-toothed Bird (Odonpterygiformes) from the Palaeocene of England.
  4. Henri Cappetta: Sur une nouvelle espèce de Burnhamia (Batomorphii, Mobulidae) de l'Yprésien des Ouled Abdoun, Maroc.

Date of publication April 1985


  1. David J. Kemp: The Selsey Division (Bracklesham Group) at Lee-on-the-Solent, Gosport, (Hants).
  2. John Cooper: An outcrop of the Miramar Crinoid Bed (Lower Eocene: London Clay, Division B) at Elmley Hills, Isle of Sheppey, Kent.
  3. Henry J. Gamble: Observations on the Palaeocene stratigraphy of the Blean Forest, with particular reference to the Field Meeting at Winterbourne and Iron Hill, near Boughton, and Shelford, near Canterbury, Kent, 10.IV.1982.

Date of publication August 1985


  1. Allan Insole & Brian Daley: A revision of the Lithostratigraphical Nomenclature of the Late Eocene & Early Oligocene Strata of the Hampshire Basin, Southern England.

Date of publication October 1995


  1. Michael D. Crane & John Quayle: Two new hexapod crabs of the genus Goniocypoda Woodward (Crustacea, Decapoda) from the Hampshire Basin.
  2. Steve Tracey: Lower Tertiary strata exposed in a temporary excavation at Well Hall, Eltham, south east London.
  3. D. N. Lewis: A method for the extraction of fossil echinoids preserved in clay.
  4. Raminder S. Loyal: Vertebrate Biostratigraphy of the type area of Subathu Formation (Eocene), Subathu, Himachal Pradesh, India.
  5. Roger J. Cordiner & David A. Bone: Exposures of the Barton Beds along the Highland Water in the New Forest, Hants.
  6. Colin J. O. Harrison: A re-examination of some Tertiary old world ibises, Threskiornithidae.
  7. H. J. F. Hooyberghs: Quantitative distribution and palaeoecology of benthonic foraminifera in the Panisel and Lede Formation (Eocene) at Burst (Belgium).
  8. J. J. Hooker: Review: General Features of the Palaeoecological Evolution of Cetacea by G. A. McHedlidze.

Date of publication February 1996