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Volume 5 For 1983


  1. H. Cappetta: Additions à la faune de sélaciens fossiles du Maroc. 2: Révision de Raja praealba Arambourg, 1952, espèce de l'Yprésien des Ouled Abdoun.
  2. H. J. F. Hooyberghs: Middle Eocene planktonic foraminifera recorded from the Brussels Sands Formation at Haacht (Belgium).
  3. M. Depret & W. Willems: A record in situ of Nummulites laevigatus (Bruguière 1792) in sediments of Lutetian age in the area around Zeebrugge (NW-Belgium) and its stratigraphical consequences.
  4. H. J. Gamble: Essay review.

Date of publication July 1983


  1. M. J. Salmon: The Use of Mineral Processing Techniques in the Concentration of Fossiliferous Materials.
  2. H. Keith Holdaway: A Temporary section in Woolwich Showing the Junction of the Woolwich Bottom Bed and the Thanet Sand.
  3. Roger A. Hewitt: Teleost Hyperostoses: a case of Miocene problematica from Tunisia.
  4. Maria Hovestadt, Dirk Hovestadt & Richard Smith: A Contribution to the Fish Fauna of the Belgian Palaeocene: A review of Notidanodon loozi (Vincent, 1876).
  5. C. J. O. Harrison: Fossil Birds from the Lower London Clay of Essex: The W. George & S. Vincent Collections.
  6. J. De Conink, S. Geets & W. Willems: The Mont-Héribu Member: Base of the Ieper Formation in the Belgian Basin.
  7. David John Ward: Additions to the fish fauna of the English Palaeogene. 4. A new batoid genus from the Bracklesham Group of Selsey, Sussex.

Date of publication October 1983


  1. David John Ward: Frederick Charles STINTON 1916-1982 An obituary.
  2. David John Ward: Bibliography of scientific publications by Frederick STINTON spanning the period 1949-1980.
  3. Chris King: The stratigraphy of the London clay formation and Virginia Water formation in the coastal sections of the Isle of Sheppey (Kent, England).

Date of publication February 1984


  1. John Cooper: A Notice of Literary Works concerning the Isle of Sheppey.
  2. William H. George: A short account of the Cement Stone Industry of the Isle of Sheppey, Kent.
  3. William H. George: A short account of the Copperas Industry of the Isle of Sheppey, Kent.
  4. John Quayle: A new crab, Portunites stintoni (Crustacea, Decapoda) from the London Clay.
  5. Colin J. O. Harrison: Further additions to the Fossil Birds of Sheppey: A new Falconid and three small Rails.
  6. Hazel P. Wilkinson: Pyritised Twigs from Sheppey.
  7. Richard Preece: Two Land Snails from the London Clay of Sheppey.

Date of publication March 1984