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Volume 4 For 1982


  1. J. Herman: Additions to the fauna of Belgium 6. The Belgian Eocene Squalidae.
  2. C. R. Bristow: The nomenclature of the Bagshot Beds & Claygate Beds of London & Essex.
  3. D. C. & M. Hovestadt: An Endless Belt for Scanning Fossil Residues Under the Microscope.
  4. M. Pickford: Miocene Chalicotheriidae of the Potwar Plateau, Pakistan.
  5. W. J. Quayle: A New Eocene Isopod (Crustacea) from the Hampshire Basin.
  6. H. J. Gamble: Formal introduction of the term `Chapelcorner Fish Beds', as a revised lithostratigraphical unit within the Osborne Member of the Solent Formation (Upper Eocene; Isle of Wight).

Date of publication May 1982


  1. W. H. George & S. Vincent: An exposure of London Clay at Maylandsea (Lawling Creek), Essex.
  2. H. J. Gamble: Remarks on a problem of stratigraphical nomenclature: formal proposal to recognise the term `Miramar Crinoid Bed' as a revised lithostratigraphical unit within the London Clay Formation.
  3. C. King: Comments on `The nomenclature of the Claygate Beds of London and Essex' (Bristow,1982) and `The Claygate Beds of Essex' (Bristow, Ellison and Wood, 1980.).
  4. C. J. O. Harrison & C. A. Walker: Fossil Birds from the Miocene of Northern Pakistan.
  5. C. J. O. Harrison: Cuculiform, Piciform and Passeriform Birds in the Lower Eocene of England.

Date of publication October 1982


  1. Margaret E. Collinson: A Reassessment of Fossil Potamogetoneae Fruits with Description of New Material from Saudi Arabia.
  2. P. J. Whybrow, M. E. Collinson, R. Daams, A. W. Gentry & H. A. McLure: Geology, Fauna (Bovidae, Rodentia) & Flora from the Early Miocene of Eastern Saudi Arabia. 1

Date of publication December 1982


  1. H-J. Gregor & H. Hagn: Fossil Fructifications from the Cretaceous-Palaeocene Boundary of SW-Egypt (Danian, Bir Abu Munquar).
  2. A. C. Milner, A. R. Milner & R. Estes: Amphibians and Squamates from the Upper Eocene of Hordle Cliff, Hampshire, a preliminary report.
  3. H. J. Gamble: Essay review and supplementary stratigraphical observations on chapters concerning the Palaeogene deposits in Holmes, S. C. A. 1981, Geology of the country Around Faversham; Memoir geol. surv. Gt. Br.
  4. J. Cooper: Selected references on the Tertiaries published in 1981 (excluding those which comprise Tertiary Research and T.R. Special Papers.).

Date of publication December 1982