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Volume 3 For 1980/1981


  1. J. J. Hooker & D. J. Ward Introduction and Stratigraphy.
  2. J. J. Hooker & D. J. Ward List of Localities.
  3. D. J. Ward The Distribution of Sharks, Rays & Chimaeroids in the English Palaeogene.
  4. R. T. J. Moody The Distribution of Turtles in the British Palaeogene.
  5. C. A. Walker The Distribution of Birds in the British Palaeogene.
  6. J. J. Hooker & A. N. Insole The Distribution of Mammals in the British Palaeogene.

Date of publication March 1980



  1. J-C. Rage & R. L. E. Ford Amphibians and Squamates from the Upper Eocene of the Isle of Wight.
  2. H-J. Gregor Seeds of the genus Coriaria LINNÉ (Coriariaceae) in the European Neogene.
  3. E. A. Jarzembowski Book notice and review.
  4. C. King & D. J. Kemp Exposures in the London Clay Formation of the Gosport area (Hants).
  5. C. J. O. Harrison A small Owl from the Lower Eocene of Britain.
  6. J. Cooper The Lenham Beds (Late Miocene?) of Kent, England Field meeting report & selected bibliography 1855-1978.
  7. J. Cooper Selected references on the Tertiaries published in 1979 (Excluding those which comprise Tertiary Research and T.R. Special Papers.).

Date of publication December 1980


  1. H. J. Gamble A critical analysis of certain thickness measurements utilised for correlation of London Clay Sections in east Kent.
  2. C. J. O. Harrison A re-assignment of Amphipelagus majori from Ciconiidae (Ciconiiformes) to Ergilornithidae (Gruiformes).
  3. J. Cooper An outline of the Tertiary Research Group, founded 1969. 1
  4. D. J. Ward A simple machine for bulk processing of clays & silts. 121
  5. R. T. J. Moody & E. Buffetaut Notes on the systematics & palaeoecology of the crocodiles & turtles of the Metlaoui Phosphates (Eocene) of Southern Tunisia. 125
  6. B. J. Welton A new species of Oxynotus Rafinesque, 1810 (Chondrichthyes Squalidae) from the Early Miocene (Saucesian) Jewett Sand, Kern County, California, U.S.A. 141

Date of publication July 1981


  1. G. De Geyter & W. Willems Sponge spicules from the Landen Formation in Belgium.
  2. R. A. Hewitt Studies of London Clay concretions, with special reference to Leigh-on-Sea in Essex. 16
  3. A. D. King & D. J. Kemp Stratigraphy of the Bracklesham Group in Recent exposures near Gosport, Hants.
  4. J. Herman Additions to the Eocene fish fauna of Belgium 5. The discovery of Mustelus teeth in Ypresian, Paniselian & Wemmelian strata.
  5. J. Cooper Selected references on the Tertiaries published in 1980 (excluding those which comprise Tertiary Research & T.R. Special papers.).

Date of publication February 1982