Bracklesham Beds (Selsey / Bracklesham UK) 2011 Fossil Finds

I have selected the most interesting and reasonable quality fossils that I found on the beaches between Selsey and Bracklesham on the South Coast of England during 2011.

As a general comment, this was a poor year of collecting for me (and I think others??) My passion is for vertebrate fossils and in particular sharks teeth but I have been known to stoop down and pick up the occasional invertebrate fossil or bone !!

To give you an idea of the extent of my 2011 fossil finds, I have consolidated them into the following categories:-

1. Medium to Large sharks teeth
2. Small to Medium sharks teeth
3. Various other vertebrate fossils
4. Various invertebrate fossils
5. A selection of individual specimens worthy of a picture in their own right (In my opinion !!)
6. An idea of what the site can look like when not covered in sand and an in situ photo

The section of beach shown is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) but is under threat of being lost due to Sea Defence works currently being carried out by the Environment Agency through to early 2013. Visit the following link if you want to observe the progress.

Enjoy whilst you can.

Chris Cole (