Report by Chris Cole

Selsey and Bracklesham 2011 Review (7th January 2012)

Happy New Year to anybody that visits the REPORTS section on the TRG Web site and happy hunting during 2012.

The "2011" Hunting season was lean for me with most finds being in the period January to April. Although my last report was in July 2011, I did visit the site in September but there was nothing to report. I understand from colleagues at other sites in the south had a pretty lean year also. If practical, I will take a consolidated picture of my better 2011 finds, so please come back and visit this site soon.

I have 2 "Parish Notices" that interested parties should be aware of.

Firstly, there is a consultation period underway concerning potential "Zoning" of the beach to accommodate Kite Surfers. Chichester District Council are considering allocating a zone just east of the Bracklesham Car park for the Kite Surfers. This area is a major thoroughfare for the public in general but especially fossil hunters. There is a questionnaire on .

Secondly, with regards to the Managed Retreat of the Medmerry Sea Defence, please keep up to date by viewing . You can enrol for a Monthly Newsletter.

I can advise you that there is going to be an imminent delivery of rock bought in by sea to be placed on the beach in front of the Club House. Some of this will be used to give added protection to the sea defence in front of the Club House and the rest will be used for defences further in land. Some digging of clay has started at both Bracklesham and Medmerry ends and the spoils are to be used for defences further in land. I hope to gain some access to the digging areas and spoil heaps with agreement from the Environment Agency and their Contractor. As a minimum, I would like to get a photographic record in case there is anything significant from a geological point of view.