Report by Chris Cole

Bracklesham 7th January 2012. Low tide 1.2m at 1552hrs.

The light conditions today were reasonable with a watery sun low in the sky and partial light cloud.

The low water ended about5m beyond the longest groynes. There was quite a bit of loose debris on the flat wet sand. I spent about 1hr 30mins on the beach and walked out with the tide. This was the first tide in daylight that has permitted reasonable hunting opportunity. Motivation lapsed a bit after the poor results in the latter part of 2011.

The recent storms have done little to change the appearance of the beach. There was a small patch of the E3 bed exposed to the east of the long groyne. I did not walk as far as the E7 bed but I understand that there was limited access to it at low tide.

I found a fragment of Cylindricanthus Rectus and about 10 sharks teeth, most of which were broken. It was only when I got home that my son Wes pointed out that one of the broken teeth was a Carcarodon Auriculatus (24mm wide and 20mm long). It is quite badly damaged but worth a picture. (See below). It was found along the low water mark in front of the flats between the car park and E3.