Report by Chris Cole

WEST BEACH, SELSEY, 3 June 2007 (LOW TIDE 1.1m AT 1924 BST)

Weather conditions excellent. Sunny with a light north westerly wind. Atmospheric pressure 1018 and rising.

No significant change from the visit report dated 26 May 2007 except that the tide went out further. (See the pictures below). The tide receded about 10m past the end of the sluice gate. There was a small patch of S6 / S7i exposed at the extremity of the tide

Most of the finds today were between the sluice gate and the groyne to the east although I did find 2 broken teeth up to 3 groynes west of the sluice gate. The quality of the teeth was poor with only 2 reasonable specimems out of 10. There was some evidence of turritellas the further west I walked.


View at 1721, looking west from the sluice gate towards Bracklesham. Tide still on its way out. No obvious exposures visible at this point in time.



View at 1802, looking east from near the sluice gate. No exposures visible with 1 hour 20 minutes to the low tide.


View from the sluice gate.


A small patch of S6 / S7i exposed at the extremity of the tide. (About 1930 hrs). I did pick up 2 pyritised molluscs from here.


5. Today’s finds. The top left tooth is a nice Physogaleus secundus.