Report by Chris Cole

Selsey West Beach 23rd March 2012, low tide 0.5m at 1742

There was a patch of the Selsey Division (S7i and S7ii) about the size of a football field in front of some sea defence work.being carried out along the Medmerry section of the beach. This area of beach is only accessible on some spring tides. Today, the light was pretty good and there was a slight easterly wind. The top sand had moved around a bit since my last visit resulting in slightly different area to search including some deep gullies.

I spent about 2 hours working this patch. Most of the specimens were found loose near the top of the beach 

A selection of fossils found today.

Striatolamia Macrota specimen

Galeocerdo latidens and physogaleus secundus specimens

Cybium tooth (Barracuda)

Location of my recent finds on Medmerry Beach.