Report by Chris Cole

BRACKLESHAM, 16 18 February 2008 (LOW TIDES early afternoon.)

Weather conditions good. Clear sky, sunny with a light easterly wind. Atmospheric pressure 1040.

Tides are currently improving "springs" and the low today was 1.2m. The next few days will see a low tide of 0.4m at the end of the week. There is a lot of debris on the beach (more to the east of the car park towards E3. It looks like more of E2 and E3 may be uncovered over the next few days. A lot of the exposed sandy beach is rippled. I believe this is consistent with the easterly wind. There are large numbers of newly washed out Carditas and Turritellas around the E3 bed. There also appears to be quite a few myliobatis fragments being found.

Wez (my son) has been working the beach too. Check the picture out below for what we have found.

Best find so far this year is the Tiger Shark tooth (Galeocerdo Latidens) Second sharks tooth, left to right.