Report by Chris Cole

Bracklesham, 15h December 2009. (Low Tide 1.1m at 1617 hrs , Sunset 1558)

The barometer was stable at 1001 mb. There was a light westerly wind and the temperature was about 1c. The sky was overcast and the light was poor.

The beach from the car park and eastwards was littered with light debris but mainly dragged down from the top of the beach. There has been no significant change in the number of fossils being washed out. In about 90 minutes, I found 8 sharks teeth, some myliobatis (sting ray) and turtle fragments and a vertebra. The teeth ranged from a small Physogaleus secundus and a reasonable size Striatolamia macrota (45mm).

The tide had left most of the sand rippled. There was a small patch (150m sq) of E2ii exposed just east of the long groyne at E3 and between the end of the groyne and the shingle. This contained mainly molluscs although I did find the vertebra and a couple of teeth in this area.