Report by Chris Cole

WEST BEACH, SELSEY, 11 October 2007 (LOW TIDE 0.8m AT 1805 BST)

Weather conditions good. Sunny with a light north westerly wind. Atmospheric pressure 1028 and falling.

The low tide did not get past the old flag post base. It has been 2 months since I last visited this site. There has been no significant change and if anything, it has deteriorated slightly. There was very little of the normal exposure visible. (See picture 1).

Only 2 finds today (See picture 2) at the top of the beach between the sluice gate and the groyne to the east. Most of the shell / gravel debris appears to have been dragged down from the shingle at the top of the beach.

In my opinion this site is not worth visiting at the moment.

West Beach Selsey looking west with the sluice gate in the background.


Today’s finds on a 5mm grid. The left hand tooth is a Physogaleus secundus.