Issue 8: June 2011

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Review of the detailed design
We have now completed the detailed design, which sets out how the all the elements of the scheme will be constructed, such as the new floodbank, sluices, habitats and public paths.

One key issue that has emerged is that ground where parts of the bank will be built is soft. We need to be careful that the bank does not sink, so we may need to build some of the bank in multiple layers. This may extend the programme by a few months beyond the expected Autumn 2012 planned completion date for this part of the work, but is unlikely to impact on our planned breach date in 2013. We will be carrying out further targeted ground investigation on site in July to give greater certainty on the construction programme.

Our next step is to issue the drawings to the construction contractor to work out the detailed programme for construction. Back to top

Local involvement and MStAG
We held a workshop with public access representatives on 17 May 2011 to explain all the access routes, proposed surfacing and details such as gates and fencing. We also presented the draft designs for the viewing areas for discussion. 

The key points the representatives made at this meeting were:

Areas should to be available to walk dogs.

Anti-social usage of public access routes will need to be monitored.

Stone surfacing will be required for some of the footpaths.

Interpretation boards should include a history of the area.

We took the ideas from the access workshop to the Medmerry Stakeholder Advisory Group (MStAG) meeting we held on 26 May 2011. We also presented the key draft design drawings and the indicative construction timeline.

Two key issues were raised, that we are looking into:

There is an aspiration from the stakeholders to extend the bridleway to the beach next to the Bunn Leisure site.

Concern was raised about the impact environmental designations might have on the area.

The full presentation and record of the MStAG meeting are available on our website

Construction routes

We will make the banks from clay excavated on site, and the rocks to protect the ends of the banks will be brought in by sea. However, machinery and some materials will need to be brought in by road. We have discussed the following construction routes with West Sussex County Council Highways, which are designed to minimise impacts:


The main access will be from the B2145 through the Southern Water Sewage Works near Sidlesham Ferry

To build the freshwater outfall in the area and deliver rock moving equipment, we will need to use the B2145 and through Bunn Leisure West Sands.

To build the trackway down to the beach and one of the freshwater outfalls, we will need to use the A286, B2198 and along Clappers Lane, Earnley, then down Drove Lane and past the east side of the Sussex Beach Holiday Village.

To build the trackway from Earnley southwards, we will need to use Clappers Lane, Bookers Lane and then to a temporary site access a short distance along Almodington Lane.

To build a section of track and the final two freshwater outfalls, we will need to use the B2145, Keynor Lane, Ham Road and Easton Lane to an access near to Easton Farm.



Other news

During construction we will have a dedicated public liaison officer one day a week. She will help communicate project progress and will be the first point of contact for any questions.

The RSPB will be managing many areas of the farmland on our behalf. There will be an RSPB warden who will be able to answer any questions about the future management of the site.

There will need to be temporary footpath diversions in the Ham area whilst the scheme is constructed. We have held discussions with West Sussex County Council and we will be finalising these diversion plans in July and August.


What will we be doing next?
Our project schedule is unchanged and we are on programme to start construction in autumn 2011. Our current schedule is:


  July/August/September 2011: Complete detailed construction programming.

   Autumn 2011: Construction starts for access routes and sluices. Work will also start on the new inland floodbanks, weather permitting.

   Spring 2012: Construction continues on the new inland flood banks.

   Autumn 2012: New inland flood banks complete.

  Spring 2013: Breach made in existing shingle bank.

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