Environment Agency Sea Defence Works – April 2012 NEWSLETTER

I have just selected a couple of items that may be of some interest from the April 2012 Environment Agency Newsletter. More details, including photos, can be found at:-

Other updates

We are pleased to inform you that planning permission has been received for the improved viewpoint and landraising adjacent to the eastern rock end at Bunn Leisure. Work will start to fill this area within the next month.

We have adjusted the boundaries of some of our borrow pits (where we extract clay from inside the site to use in the new banks). An updated drawing showing the areas we are now going to be using is on our website. [From what I have seen so far, there does not appear to be any fossil evidence in the extracted clay – Chris Cole]

Areas of archaeological interest continue to be found, including evidence of the boundaries of a Roman farm. We are working with the archaeologists to find the best way to share the stories of the archaeological finds.


Site safety

If you are using the public footpaths it is very important to keep to the original designated public footpath routes. Areas adjacent to the paths are part of the construction site and it is not safe to walk away from the paths. The major hazards are large construction plant (excavators and earthmovers) which move around the site and deep excavation areas. Anybody found straying from the marked footpaths will be asked to leave/escorted offsite immediately.

Remember you may be able to see the machines as they move around the site, but they may not be able to see you unless you are wearing high-visibility clothing.

Closure of the beach to construct the rock into the back of the beach is planned for late spring or early summer. When this is carried out no access will be available along the section of beach immediately to the west of West Sands to immediately east of the Sussex Beach Holiday Village.