Beltinge, 17th – 20th October 2009

Report submitted by Chris Cole on behalf of Hans Riehmann – visiting from Denmark

On the 17th October, there was a strong northerly onshore wind which left the clay free of silt.

I collected for about 2 hours and found approximately 300 teeth - among them, a good Otodus Obliquus specimen, that has minor tip damage (see photo on the left below) and two complete Palaeohypotodus. The Otodus specimen was found on the J-bed.

On 20th October, there was a light off shore wind. The Old Havens formation was silted up which made collecting difficult.
I did find another good Otodus specimen during the low morning tide (see photo on the right below). This tooth was found in a bait digger’s hole in the Old Haven formation. It is a bit rolled, but has got nice orange/blue colours.