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Volume 20 For 1998

Volume 20 Numbers 1 - 4

  1. AUSENDA C. BALBINO & HENRI CAPPETTA Paragaleus antunesi (Hemigaleidae, Carcharhiniformes) a new shark species from the latest Miocene of Portugal.

  2. MARIA A. BITNER & ANDRZEJ PISERA Brachiopod fauna from the Middle Miocene deposits of Niechobrz, south-eastern Poland.

  3. STEPHEN B. CUNNINGHAM A comparison of isolated teeth of early Eocene Striatolamia macrota (Chondrichthyes, Lamniformes), with those of a Recent sand shark, Carcharias taurus.

  4. PAUL JEFFERY The status of "Murex" suspensus Solander in Brander, 1766 (Volutidae: Athletinae) and Voluta ambigua var. monstrosa J. Sowerby, 1816, from the Middle Eocene of Barton on Sea, Hampshire.

  5. BHAGWANDAS MANDAOKAR Palynology of coal bearing sediments of the Tikak Parbat Formation (Oligocene) from Namchik River section, Changlang District, Arunachal Pradesh, India.

  6. NEALE MONKS & SIMONE WELLS A new record of the Eocene coleoid Spirulirostra anomala (Mollusca: Cephalopoda) and its relationships to modern Spirula.
  7. JEAN-MICHEL PACAUD & STEVE TRACEY The occurrence of the genus Fusulculus Bouchet & Vermeij (Gastropoda, Pseudolividae) in the Eocene of England, with a description of two new species.
  8. JOHN F. POTTER More about Tertiary churches: the London Clay septaria.

  9. BIRENDRA P. SINGH & DEVINDER S. ANDOTRA Barrier-lagoon and tidal cycles in Palaeocene to middle Eocene Subathu Formation, NW Himalaya, India.

  10. RAGHAVENDRA P. TIWARI & RAJENDRA P. KACHHARA Two new species of Apolymetis (Bivalvia: Tellinidae) from the Miocene of Mizoram, India.

  11. RAGHAVENDRA P. TIWARI & RAKESH C. MEHROTRA Fossil woods from the Tipam Group of Mizoram, India.

  12. HIDEO YABE Teeth of an extinct great white shark, Carcharodon sp., from the Neogene Senhata Formation, Miura Group, Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

  13. MARIE-PIERRE AUBRY & WILLIAM A. BERGRENN The Homeless GSSP: The dilemma of the Paleocene/Eocene boundary.

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